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I was setting in a room full of people I’m really good at hiding it if you laugh and smile no one notices anything

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That sounds awful. Feeling like its just easier to pretend like youre fine. Its like you don’t even want to put out the effort to try to heal because its a lot more comfortable to keep putting on a mask. Dont give up on yourself. The truth is that a lot of people feel like they cant be themselves, or that nobody would care if they really were. I wanna urge you to reach out and be honest with one person. One person who cares and won’t judge you. If you cant think of anyone, keep reaching out at Heartsupport. Join us on our stream at and open up.

You matter. You are worth the work it takes to be honest and reach out.

Hold fast



Hi I saw your message and just wanted to let you know that I understand what you are feeling. It is easy to mask how you actually are feeling but it is sometimes helpful to get those emotions out to a trusted friend or a professional. It will make you feel better to process what you’re feeling and I believe those around you do care what you are going through. You are strong and can make it through this.