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I felt worthless today because I got an 11 out of 30 on my math test, which makes me feel so stupid and worthless because math is my least successful sub

Hey friend.
It sucks when we fail a test and it can really bring us down, feeling like all of our hard work has been for nothing. Throughout school, math was always my worst subject too - I remember one test that I did that I literally got 0 marks and I still managed to pass my final exam at the end of school. So, just because you failed this test, doesn’t mean you’re destined to fail every one. Talk to your teacher, any of your classmates that you know have a grip on the stuff you’ve been studying. You’re not worthless. There is nothing in this life that will make your worthless. Keep studying, keep trying. You’re not stupid, it’s just that math isn’t your best subject and that’s totally okay. Your strength will be in another, we all have different strengths, thats what makes us unique.

Hold Fast

Hey, I know it hard and it hurts I’m not good at math too your not alone don’t look at it and give up use it as a type of fuel and study hard I had the same issue when I was in high school math was always tough Look into tutoring and study and I know your gonna ace it I know you will so keep strong and know I’m rooting for you