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My anxiety has gotten terrible and I freak out about everything in my life, I feel it everyday and I’m scared.

Dude anxiety is like some kind of poison ivy…it’s a slow creep that eventually takes over so much territory in your life…it can feel like one day you just wake up and you’re completely surrounded by these thoughts that pin you down and isolate you and suck all hope of ever escaping away from you…it can feel like you’re never going to overcome this, like you’re going to be this way forever, like there’s nothing that will set you free or beat these incessant thoughts back.

Anxiety is so awful because when you freak out about something, it only makes you more anxious the next time you face whatever it is because then you get anxious about being anxious and making a fool of yourself or losing control of yourself or just feeling awful, so then you’re anxious when you think about getting around that thing, and it just goes and goes and goes…every time the circle of worry gets wider and wider until it feels like no matter where you are, anxiety is everywhere…

I totally get that friend…I didn’t realize until I was deep in my recovery that my addiction was fueled by this HUGE well of anxiety that was the undercurrent of my whole life. Everything I did I’m anxious about…succeeding AND failing, engaging with my kids AND doing housework…whatever it is that I’m facing, I feel like I’m sucking at it, like I’m doing the wrong thing, like I’m wasting time…and then BAM anxiety…then I get anxious about making decision about what to do because I know whatever I do I’m going to suck at it…gosh dude, I just feel you…

My whole point is to mainly say – you are not alone, friend. I am right there in the thick of it with you. I’ve been going through some intense counseling over these past few weeks / months, and it’s been SO helpful…I’ve been starting to process things differently and start to see some hope come back into my life…some victory over the weeds that have overtaken my life…and I want to offer that hope to you – you are not destined to stay trapped in this place, and there is freedom available, and you can get it. We can get it together! Best thing is that we don’t have to do it alone. So glad you chose to open up. Thank you so much for your courage – I’m honored to have heard a bit of your story.


Hey hun, I understand 1ooo% how you feel. Some days it feels like everything is out of our control, and that can be scary. Although I don’t know the exact situations you’re going through, I can say that allowing yourself to let go of some of the pressures that weigh on you heaviest, will change everything.

Take the time to allow yourself to feel,or even be, care free, just for a moment. And take those breaks as often as you need. It sounds like you may be spreading yourself a little too thin.
I, myself have had to learn recently to make sure to take care of me before trying to help everyone else. One of the hardest things to do is to let others be accountable for their own actions, and sometimes let things go entirely.

The two things I always think to myself when I feel I’m worrying too much or piling things on top of each other until they feel like a mountain.

  1. What’s the worst that could happen? A lot of times the outcomes might not even be that bad.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff (by the way, everything’s small stuff:)

Letting go is easier said than done, but don’t forget, you deserve happiness too. :slight_smile:
Truth is, not everything can be perfect all the time, and honestly, that’s ok. Take the time to do what makes you happy what makes you feel most you! After all, as my mom would say “Take care of you, you’re the only you, you get.”

They say people with the biggest hearts worry the most. Take care of yourself ok? You are loved, you care deeply for others, and the world owes you a thanks for all you do🙏🏽 . You are appreciated.
Thank you for sharing, that could h