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Struggling to get a job and feeling stressed

Job search is hard. Currently going through that in my relationship right now. It’s a stressful thing that we have to do. Hard to find something that pays well, is a good environment plus something you can love and enjoy at the same time.

It takes time that’s for sure. Sometimes more than what we can offer. I hope something comes up for you. Don’t give up my friend. It’ll get better. One day at a time. Heart Support is here as you need. It’s a safe place to turn to as you take on life and it’s challenges. We’re all going through something and we’re here to help each other through it.

Much love to you.

  • Kitty

Hey, you may never know me, but I understand your struggle. I’ve been looking for a job for over two years, my reason may be different than yours, I have social anxiety. No matter how hard it mag seem or how high that wall may seem, everything will be alright. You will find a job, and you will continue to grow and succeed in life. If you feel alone in your struggles, just always remember heart support is always here, and we will always listen.

I would encourage you to reach out to temp agencies and Network on LinkedIn or with those you know to see if there are any openings just to get you in the door of you need work fast. It might not be ideal work for the long run, but it will give you time to find something more suitable while still earning something. You’ve got this. Just make sure to watch your mental health as well and breathe.