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sometimes i just feel like no matter how much i try or how much i give myself to others im never wanted

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I can relate to this feeling. There was a time in my life where I would give so much of myself and offer so much to others because I felt if I did this, people would love and want me.

All that did was exhaust me emotionally and mentally.

Who we invest our energy into matters. It sometimes can be so hard. But it’s important to invest into people that appreciate what we are giving. I know sometimes it’s not always in our control. Sometimes it’s people at work, school or in our families that we have to please to keep the peace. But in the areas that we can control, it’s important to filter the people and relationships that drag us down and leave us feeling burnt out and used.

Don’t do for people that don’t appreciate you. Don’t give them your time and energy. In the end it will only hurt. Save it for those who give back and appreciate. Don’t be afraid to step back from people or situations that don’t take care of your efforts and person. Do what is healthy for you. Surround yourself with healthy relationships that build you up.

I hope it gets better my friend. You are important and valued. Your feelings are valid.

I’m sorry for what you are feeling right now.

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Wow, I feel this. I’ve been here before too.

It feels like you keep giving and giving and none of it matters, because people don’t appreciate your effort. It feels like you might as well just stop trying because it’s never enough anyway.

The truth is you are loved, you have purpose and you matter. I want you here. This community wants you here. What you are giving is more than enough. I’m so glad you’re here.

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Hi I saw your message. I wanted to let you know that you matter and things will get better. I know it’s a challenge to feel like that’s real if you are feeling discouraged. But it is real. Remember not to lose yourself in others. Relationships and friendships need to be balanced. Take care of yourself and remember you are worthy.

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