Even more paranoid and annoying

I tried sleeping but this hyper-realistic voice said something to me. It was so weird. I closed my eyes and it felt like he whispered a phrase to me. Or she. It echoed in my head after they said it. I was too scared to go to sleep intentionally. I have about 6 more books I’m reading now.

I would recommend drowning it out with music. Don’t let the demons think they can control you, kick them right back in the ass. I’ll be damned if I lose you, I wont. You are strong even though you are broken.
Voices - Motionless In White

I can’t this time. My cousin is visiting and using my headphones. And my mom made us watch a movie.

Why does it seem like blood family just doesn’t care about each other these days?
It’s terrible

You can survive this. Your wings may be broken, but your claws aren’t.

Eh. I can understand that. And I’m used to having my family being like this. And is it considered molestation if your grandma juggles your… —i don’t like saying it since my chest gives me the most gender dysphoria, so I won’t— and you don’t like it?