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Every day is a struggle

I don’t want to be alive anymore. Every day I’m in pain, every day is a fight just to get to the next so I can fight again and it’s so exhausting and it’s killing me. I’m fighting to live, just for my loved ones, but I’m fighting for something I don’t want. All of my energy goes toward not killing myself , I have no energy for anything else. I’m living a life of pain, and that’s not a life I want to live. I’m closer and closer to suicide and I don’t know how to care enough to keep fighting. I don’t know that it’s even worth the fight.


Please don’t committ suicide. I know I don’t know what you’re personally going through, but there is someone out there who has to be willing to talk to you & help you through your pain. I lost my little brother 7 years ago to suicide & I have never been the same & find it very hard to move forward knowing he never will. Every day is a struggle but you are not alone. Please don’t go. @evlprincess


Hey evlprincess,

it makes me say to read that :frowning:

There are times in life, when everyday is a fight and you dont see a sunshine for new days.

Please dont loose hope. There are loved ones for you? can they help you? do they know, whats going on in your mind?

If there there is no sense to life, pls try to get help.

We would miss you! There is always a reason to be alive!


Hi friend

I’m so sorry that you are battling through so much pain. My heart can relate to so much of what you have written. I live everyday in both physical and mental pain. It’s draining and exhausting. It consumes so much of me. I’m sorry that you too have to battle with that.

Please don’t give up my friend. I know that it is often hard. I know that some days it feels unbearable and impossible. I know how hard it can be. But you don’t have to go at this alone.

I am glad that you reached out. Because you matter. You are important. Please know that. I hope that you are able to find some sort of comfort and guidance somewhere. Whether in a friend, a family member or a counselor. I hope that you will continue to reach out when you are hurting and need help . You deserve to fight for yourself. You deserve to be reminded that you are loved and important. Cared for.

YOU are worth the fight. Even if it’s hard to believe. You are. Don’t give up my friend.

I’m sending you so much love right now

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