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Everybodies gone


I hate the cycle. You’re alone, then you meet someone, and think I like them. Then you start hanging out and become friends. You really start to become attached to them. You like it when they’re around and like talking to them about anything. Then, they just go fuck you and leave, and your alone again. I hate this. Why put your energy into something that’s just gonna leave. Everyone leaves, always. I’m always alone, and I don’t think I wanna do this anymore. I just can’t take it anymore.


Do you really want someone you can’t rely on to stay? Do you want people to pretend with you? Don’t you want them to be real with you or if they’re lying to find out about they’re lies?

IF you’re meant to be then it will be. Real friends, etc. Stick around through thick and thin.

Better off being alone than to be surrounded by people being lonely. Believe me.


I mean but like everyone? How is it that everyone is like that. Not a single person has stayed. I just want someone that’s real and genuine, I don’t get why that’s so hard.


Hey Friend,

It sounds like you are really hurting. It is so disheartening when someone you thought you could rely on leaves. Know that despite the people that have come and gone throughout your life, you are worthy of relationships and companionship. Those who are meant to stay in your life will. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time finding them. Know that we love you and are here for you.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes