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Everyday is another problem

Every single day is a problem. I have to constantly fight people, doctors everyone; just to try to have a healthy life.


I have no support. I’m trapped. It’s too overwhelming to share all of the crap I’m dealing with. I can’t deal with this life and world.


I dont blame ya m8, but dont give up so easily. Life is exaughsting, I definetly agree with that, but you are fighting right now, and that’s very strong of you. Sounds like you need a break though, do you ever get a chance to rest?
You may not have support in the outside world, but we are here, and we are here to listen whenever you want to open up ^~^

Heres a song I found recently that I feel helps me alot when im stressed, I just focus my attention on it, and forget.
Calm Down by Grand Commander



Hi Jul.
Life is hard and it can be too much sometimes. I feel you. Right know my life is ok but few months ago… wow that was a different story. You are not alone in this and it is ok to feel like this sometimes. If you want to share a bit more about your situacion we are here to listen.

Take care now and stay safe


Hey @Jul,

It is indeed overwhelming to reach out and share our burdens. But you’ve been taking the first step right there, and that is something to be proud of. If you have no support in your life, if you feel like it’s you versus the rest of the world, then know that you have our support right here and that you are in a safe place to talk about what’s making you feel that way. We may not face the same obstacles or be in your shoes, but we can surely understand here how it is to feel at the end of our rope and just too exhausted to keep trying.

You are not alone. I can assure you of that. If you’d like to talk more, please take your time to do so. There is rush, no pressure on our end. This community is here. We want to support you.




My life was obliterated several years ago, I work my ass of every day to create and build. Yet I haven’t been paid in 21 months. I am a creator. I’ve worked in media longer than I haven’t. I’m a lifelong professional musician and entertainer. My family doesn’t approve so there’s no support there just a lifetime of putting me down.

I’ve been working in the industry as my “day job” and more. I left my abusive husband, in 2017. Just got the divorce papers. Trying to deal with that on my own.
My 12 year old vehicle is barely hanging on. I have a very high and vast skill set. No one wants to pay for those services.

I lost my dog in July, I haven’t really grieved. I sent new symptoms of my, “mystery illness” to my therapist and someone I’ve been working with, doing a micronutrient test which showed I have markers for every disease out there. 2nd time I’ve heard this. The kit tests; show it’s systemic; but have no clue what it is. I can’t get a specialist to hear me or read records.

My therapist said it’s out of their realm of expertise; however the kit test person needs the information to help put the puzzle together. The kit test person; promised to advocate as no doctors hear a word I say.

That’s not happening. She (kit test person) is supposed to be advocating for me and make sure everyone has the same info; I’m being heard by doctors and they keep going until they find the problem and treat it.

The kit test; precluded 10 auto-immune diseases, but they haven’t been able to figure out what is causing what. I have a heart defect which seems to be related. I also have markers for neurological issues.

I can’t get anyone to call the specialists up, ensure they hear me; whether that means my therapist and kit test person; are on a zoom call during my appointment with an electrophysiologist or the neurologist.

I need someone to take charge and figure this out! No one keeps their word and I’m stuck with no resources as every penny I’ve had goes to medical bills with no diagnosis or anything—just dead ends and thousands and thousands of dollars to the medical community for nothing but more stress, panic, anxiety and feeling so alone, in dealing with everything. I don’t want to be here. Every day is hell. I can’t move or feel anything except emptiness, fury and frustration. I’m so overwhelmed and I need support desperately. I feel so lost, empty, paralyzed, anxious and trapped. Unsure of what to do. I can’t anymore. I’m tired of being alone with no one who understands or who will help me get past all of this.

Why am I stuck in this shitty life?

So tired and hopeless.


Does anyone have any sort of positive affirmation or anything to help cope?

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What I have been doing is taking a negative thought and make it a positive one. An example is that I’m worthless and I would turn it into that I’m worth it

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