From foobie: Everyone always leaves eventually. My friend ghosted me years ago for no reason. My sister and her friend ghosted me. Eventually people just stop talking to me. They don’t want to be around me. It doesn’t make a difference if I’m around or not.


Hey Foobie, that makes me sad to read, I want to start by saying that, that will never happen to you here, we care about you very much and you will always have friends and a place to come to.
Why did your sister ghost you? do you think its a brother/sister thing as sometimes siblings can be quite unkind but its not always meant.
I dont know who else doesnt want you around friend but I do and Im sure I can speak for many others here that also want foobie here in our community. Stick around with us, it wouldnt be the same without you, Much Love lisa. x

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I have been ghosted. So has my wife. She is heartbreakingly wonderful and great company, although sometimes she can be very intense and opinionated. I think she was ghosted because of that intensity. I almost ghosted her, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Good people are ghosted all the time. A good person who is feeling insecure and perhaps fears being ghosted, often project an emotional energy that can make others uncomfortable, so in a sense, fear of being ghosted causes them to be ghosted.

Is your sister around? If she is, ask her if she has observed anything about the way you act that puts people off. She may or may not offer useful information, but I think it’s worth a try.

When you say “everyone-always,” is that factually correct, or does it just feel that way? Is it a lot of people or less than five? Typically, friendships routinely grow and fade. Sometimes people grow apart for many months or even many years, then come back together for a while. I’ve only had a couple of long-term friends that I’ve stayed close to, and we have stopped talking to each other off and on.

As Lisalovesfeathers said, you will not be ghosted here.

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From foobie: My sister doesn’t live with me. She also lives in another city but we only talked through text. I would rarely get to see her but every time i bring it up that she doesn’t talk to me she just says she needs to work on time. but she never makes any changes. She I know she has depression too but it’s a slap in the face when she is posting all the time with her friends and doesn’t bother to read my messages. I was just tired of seeing her be happy without me so I blocked her

Hey Foobie. It does make a difference if you’re around or not, and I’m sorry that people in your life have not been reflecting that truth and help you be aware of how much you matter. It is truly heartbreaking to feel like we’re only meant to be forgotten, that no matter how hard we try it just never seem to be good enough in order to be loved. Somehow, not everyone is able to embrace unconditional love the way it should be, and the complexity of relationships can make it something that turns out to be a weapon against ourselves. I’m truly sorry that people who are so important to you ended up ghosting you. I’ve been ghosted in the past as well, and it’s truly heartbreaking when you just see someone you care for moving away from you, without even telling you why, or what’s actually going on. It makes sense to feel like the cause must be you when you’re left with questions unanswered, and only a broken heart. What this situation says though, is only about them - their way to communicate, their boundaries, their willingness to commit to a relationship, but it doesn’t say anything about you, and even less about how worthy you are. The way other people do, what they decide or what they say, does not define who you are, and does not assert if whether you matter or not. You matter. Under any circumstance, and regardless of what people said to you or did to you. You matter because you are, and because you are an absolutely unique human being in this world that no one else could ever replace. Ever. :heart:

Hey Foobie, I wondered how you were doing friend? just checking in to let you know that you are loved and you are missed. xx

From foobie: I’m not doing very good. My boyfeiend has started to ignore me too because of his mental health. He told me he didn’t want to talk about it and he didn’t care. My sister still hasn’t talked to me