Everything breaks my heart

Existence is just suffering. Everything’s difficult and damages me.

Moodswings, lack of memory, anxiety, stress, depression. I usually just cry the pain away until I’m numb but this time it didn’t work and I got chest discomfort and horrible retching… ;(

Jobs are hard to get, everyone’s soulless and selfish, nothings ever easy, just agony all the time. There’s no fun in life every cloud has a rusty lining and I’m just sick of it

I’m just lying on the floor with my chest writhing wishing the pain would be over, religion just rubs salt in your wounds, there’s no happiness anywhere. I just want to be numb again…

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Sometimes life sucks. I can’t and won’t argue with that. It sounds like you’re having a particularly rough night. I wish I could somehow make it better for you, but I know when I’m having a tough time, there’s really nothing anyone else can do to help. Usually about the only thing that feels… not bad… is if someone can hear my struggles and just say something like “yeah, that sucks.”

I hear you. Right now, life sucks. For you and for me. For a lot of people. You’re not alone.

I can’t make the pain go away, but I’ve got no religion to rub into your wounds. I can listen if you want to talk about how much it hurts, and if not, that’s okay, too. Just know that some random person on the interwebz is thinking about you tonight and holding you in her heart. :heart:


Everything’s just nuts, just after writing all that I started feeling calm again and then in 5 minutes il probably be in agony again…

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Then enjoy the 5 minutes as best you can! :heart:

I know how relentless the darkness can feel. Even five minutes relief is welcome! Deep breaths, my friend.

Oh, and I feel like I should pass on my mom’s advice whenever I have an all-night cry session… Take a couple of painkillers and drink a glass of water. (The teenager in me hates to admit it, but Mom’s right… :crazy_face: It DOES help to not feel so raw and “puffy” in the morning.)

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I’d try to write what’s wrong but I’m so spontaneously euphoric-sad I wouldn’t know where to start :confused:

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Writing is an excellent outlet. If you want to write, then just start writing. It doesn’t need to make sense, Hat. You don’t have to have a good starting point. I call it “word vomit.” Therapists call it “free association” writing. Pick yer poison: humor or serious. Either way, I find it helps. Even if I never show it to anyone or read it again.

I need to head to bed, Hat, but I am thinking about you, and I’ll check back in the morning in case you decide to share some more. I hope that five minutes of calm lasts longer than five minutes. :wink: :heart:

Hey, Hat. I hope you’re having a better morning. :heart:

Things have been much better today thanks, slowly healing. I just seem to fall apart at any stress or conflict


I hate to read about your struggles and you’re awesome for sharing that with us! I too, feel the same way as you on a daily basis and any little thing can trigger a mood swing. I have found that writing and journaling my thoughts and feeling have helped me significantly. I can see them on paper and read them aloud and reflect, because even though we can’t see or touch and feel them, those thoughts and feelings are real. Like squints_a_lot said, just start writing anything, “word vomit”! I remember I started out by just writing single words that summed up multiple feelings. If writing isn’t your thing continue to come back here and vent with us! I hope you have a wonderful day and stay strong!



I get that. You’re fragile. It’s an uncomfortable place to be… Feeling like anything might break you again. I know it’s hard to remember this when you’re falling apart, but the sadness is just as temporary as the happiness is. :wink: When you do fall apart, you will put yourself back together again.

I’m glad you’re feeling better today. Still thinking about you, friend, and sending you lots of love. :heart:

Mmm it’s true, even just reading what I wrote last night… My brain already made it’s self forget what happened

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