Everything feels weird

Just some good old 1am thoughts.

My memory is all fuzzy lately; I have huge troubles remember when or if I did things, sometimes. I feel really detached from everything and it all just feels kinda unreal to me. It’s like being stuck in a dream but being fully aware of everything?? I don’t know. And to add the cherry on top, everything is so boring, dull and painful at once. Life is just boring to me and just plain but at the same time so painful and heavy. Like drowning in emptiness, lmao

Gimme a break, ugh

apologies if there are any errors in this text, it’s late, i had too much coffee and my brain can’t english anymore

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I feel that, boring life can be a burden and it hard to get out it. Try to test your some tasty food and go somewhere to get out your head.

That sounds a lot like dissociation. You might want to see a therapist or doctor about that. Dissociation can point to something more serious and it’s definitely not a fun thing to experience.

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