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Everything is fragmented


Since about July life has been super up and down. Recently I realized that I has diverged from skillful behaviour and am trying to pick myself back up. I realized I started resisting reality and hurting those around me and myself. I’m more aware now and less depressed, but my anxiety is through the roof. My thoughts are fragmented and cyclical. I’m having trouble keeping a positive mindset and not slipping back into trying to force change in situations I have no power. I know I’m back on the path to wellness but the shame over recent mistakes is overwhelming at times. It’s just tricky and the thoughts and feelings seem like they’re stronger than my will to fight them. I’m exhausted from trying to turn my mind back to skillful thought patterns. I’m not sure what I’m looking for today. I’m just anxious and feeling overwhelmed. Maybe some techniques on how you guys accept reality or turn back towards positive thoughts would be helpful.


Hey @teknicolourful, no one is the same, but hopefully some of these can help you.
For trying to have a positive mindset, focus on a memory, one of the happiest you can remember. Try to remember something you love, or someone you admire. For example, I love bands, and thinking of the headstrong, funny artists I care about always makes me smile.
Or find a hobby to work on, and work on it to keep your mind busy. Something you enjoy.
It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and fall down sometimes, just remember who you’re fighting for. I believe in you :slight_smile:

Counting Stars - Aelonia (a song about being stuck in a world where you don’t know what reality is and feeling alone)