Everything is just getting to much for me

A bit to my Person. I’m Lena, an 18 years old Trans Girl struggeling with mental health for most of my life. My family’s not accepting at all and generally very toxic. Through the quarantine I need to spend all my time with them, which as you can imagine, isn’t good at all for my mental health. I relapsed on Self Harm after I’ve been clean for two weeks, which is the longest time I ever were able to stay clean. Additionally, the Clinic i wanted to go to told me that they don’t take any new patients bc of Covid-19. And my Dysphoria is getting worse, because I’m not able to live as my true self


Hi Lena - Welcome - this is a safe space here. :heart: Thank you for posting. Every day is a new day to start over with staying away from self harm. Please don’t be too hard on yourself for relapsing. We will not be in lockdown forever. While I am older now, I also grew up in a home that was an assault on my sanity, stability, and personal space. You will move on and continue to grow in an environment that is more suited to your needs, but for now you can make it through this. I believe in you.


Hi,is nice to have you here with us in the community.

The situation that we are living right now, isnt a easy one and I am sorry that your family is making the situation worse for you. I think that you should try to talk with them a about how much you are suffering because if they cared about you they would try to make the situation be better,if they dont change, they arent your family at all even if you are blood related but if that the situation I am 100% that someday you will find people that they care about you.

Please dont hurt yourself, like a song say, not scar to your beautiful. You are worth of living and to not hurt yourself, treat yourself like the best you can because that is what you really deserve.

Stay strong in this situation and know that if you need to talk, we are here.

Take care :heart:


Hey friend. I’m so sorry that you are having to stay locked up with people who are not very supportive of you. I have a close friend who is also trans who is going through something similar. That’s so hard.

Are you in our discord?

Maybe this could serve as a little help. To be able to hang somewhere, where nobody is going to judge you for being you. You can chat and hang with us in our many threads or share your heart in the “real talk” channel. Be around people that are there to support one another.

You deserve to be loved as you are for all that you are. I’m sorry that people are not better supporting you.