Everything is just too much right now

I’m feeling super overwhelmed and stressed out with the riots and coronavirus. I’m glad that everyone is being vocal about how awful the racism problem is in this country. Enough is enough. I can only take so much with seeing videos and posts of the riots, from things being burned down to how people are being treated during protests. I tried to find solace in looking at art but that’s all being bombarded with posts as well. It just seems everywhere I turn I can’t really escape it to calm down. So I uninstalled Twitter and Instagram to hopefully help with that but I can still feel my heart racing and somewhat irritable. There are protests going on nearby where I live and I’m just hoping it doesn’t become extreme with fires, people getting hurt, etc… I’m worried about it coming up to the neighborhood because I don’t want people trying to break windows or break into houses to loot. I also hope it doesn’t come off as me not caring but I just need a break from seeing constantly awful things. I’d like to be able to call my therapist and start going to appointments again because it feels like ever since coronavirus started happening I’ve been relapsing with my progress that I’ve made. I’m just not sure if they are open again and I’m really not in the mood to leave the house unless it’s absolutely essential. Thanks for reading.



You will go through this. Hold on. HeartSupport is here with you and for you.

Hi @incognito - Thank you for sharing your experience here. It sounds like what is going on is really having an effect on you. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with the imagery and the difficulty of this situation. It is a very uncomfortable for many people, and I am glad to hear you support the message. It is really important.

But so is your story, and here is a great place to share your mental health struggles. We don’t get to choose what triggers it, but it our choice how we process our reaction. It sounds like you might be having a hard time finding an outlet for your fear and anxiety. Maybe your therapist would be open to a remote session? I know during this time, as much as the movement needs support, you have to make sure you are in a position to do so without detracting from it.

I notice on my social media two very different sides to this. The peaceful, artistic movement and the anger and boisterous side. I think they each serve a purpose, and working together I hope they accomplish everything they set out to, but it is okay to have this type of event stress you out on top of everything else going on in the world.

Stay safe, you matter. Thank you for caring, and we appreciate you sharing your story.

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