Everything out in the open

Im an adult, and ive been cutting for 10 years. My parents JUST NOTICED this morning, and now theyre all wierd about me, telling me to go to AA or therapy or something, which i know i need, but i didn’t want them to be all over me like this. Ive been sober for a few days now, but i also came out as nb and bi and non Christian because they kept pressing and i hate lying. I dont know what to do now. I do not fit in this family and im disabled and have no where else to go.

Hi there friend,
Thank you for your honesty. I know its pretty hard to come out there with the truth, but you did. I’m sorry that your parents might not be taking this well.
Support groups and therapy will help. i know its not the best feeling when parents get all up on us, but take a day or two to regather yourself and seek out the help you need. You’ll find your way friend.
You do belong. Praying for you


Sucks man. Sucks to feel ostracized from the people you want to be supported by…I mean “want to” is probably relative here, because you’ve felt disconnected from them for so long, but it’d still have been nice to be loved by them, to be like, “yeah this is who I am”, and them be like, “cool dude, I love you”…feels like so much of your heart just wants to be held…to be accepted for exactly who you are and where you’re at…

Well, I’ve been addicted to porn for 15 years, I need to go to therapy, I’ve been sober for a few days now, and I’m binary, straight, and Christian – I hate lying too, and I accept you…and love you and admire you for your courage…and have compassion for the pain you’re facing. I don’t know what to do now, but I know you fit in this family, and if you need anywhere to go you can always come here <3