Everythings killing me inside

So my ex keeps contacting me…i gave this girl my all and she keeps messing with me it hurts so bad. She deleted multiple accounts after contacting me and she wont stop…she just wants sex and stuff im not into that type of stuff. She keeps hurting me more and more idk how to make the pain end. Maybe im better off gone…

Hi ISamHollow,

You are DEFINITELY NOT better off gone. Don’t even think that for a moment! You were created to be in this world at this time with a plan and a purpose. Your ex being a jerk is NOT a reason to “leave”. When I was in high school I was “dating” a guy who just used me for sex and cheated on me all the time. I eventually tried killing myself because I felt like my life couldn’t go on without his “love” for me, which really wasn’t love at all.

Obviously I survived that attempt and can honestly say I’m so glad I did! There is so much more to life and so many years to come in your life, regardless of how old you are. There is always more to come.

As for your girlfriend, I would just ignore the crap out of her. Whenever she sends a message, don’t even look at it, just delete it. Or, ask a friend to delete it. Hopefully she’ll eventually stop when she understands she’s not getting your attention. If it really escalates, is there someone in her family you can talk to? I don’t know how old you are but if she is living with relatives, parents, etc. and you confront her with them, it could help you feel like you have more people in your corner, so to speak. But, bottom line, ignore her. Let her do her crazy thing. Every time she sends a message, delete it and then say a prayer or do whatever you have to do to get your mind off it. I’m so sorry she is messing with you and that you are hurting. It must be very painful to be going through that right now.

Sending you love and praying for strength,

How is she contacting you? If it is by your phone then request a new number.
If it is through social media create a new account on those sites and delete all old accounts. (Remember to tell the people you care about the new one and warn them to not tell her)
If it is IRL then act like you’re busy and leave. Avoid her.

Well she told me she didn’t want anything to do with me and blocked me i made a new account and she searched all through ig for my new name.

My brother… I haven’t found a post in my time here at HS that has hit me so close to my heart. I have struggled with this as well. You give everything to a person and only get a portion back from them.
My best advice is to do your best to distance yourself. That may mean to straight up tell her that you are WORTH more and deserve more respect than to be a some sort of “Booty call” (Guys can be that too.)

This sounds like less of a you problem and more of a her problem, my dude. You are valuable and loved no need to say you need to be gone. The world would be a an even more sad place if we lost more of the loving people in it (aka: YOU!!!) Keep at it fam!
Love you, value you and praying for you!

@ISamHollow, you need to move on my friend. You deserve much better. It hurts because it mattered. The moment you let go it won’t hurt as much. Every time she contacts you, block her and ignore her. She’s wasting her time, and you shouldn’t be.
Hold fast. Our hearts are with you.

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