Ex friend 5/21/23

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I’m still not over her, my insecurities are still getting to me about what happen between me and her. Many time I doubt my friendship with her, and I though everything was lie between us.

However to be honest I feel at time we could not be friends anyways. I have a romantic feelings for her and she has a boyfriend. Instead letting the friendship end with a hug in person and let the last text go. I kept pushing her boundaries, which made her push away from me more. I wish I did not sent the last message on Instagram, because she end up blocking me.

I don’t how I will react if I see her in public, I know she does not care about me anymore. I know she not say hi to me anymore. I know that when my life ends, she never shred a tear for me. Even I would breakdown if anything happen to her. I still love her, even thou she think of me as a loser.

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