EX issues PLEASE

This happened a while ago I told my best friend and didn’t give the name because I was scared I was dating this person “Zack” for less then a month he keep asking me to have sex with him I keep saying NO I would use excuses to get away or run off without him noticing he would keep trying touch me and I would say I don’t wanna be touched or he would force me to touch him or he force me to let him touch me I finally said yes because I don’t went him to keep asking and to make him happy because I didn’t want him angry at me (he did oral sex) after I broke up with him it got worst he said that I never dated him in the first place when I have proof that he did date me and to find out he was cheating on me with another that make me worry ( getting AIDS and stuff) how many other females he did this too then he used my friend to talk to me he accused me of lying saying that I have his kids when I didn’t even say that I finally got restriction order against

Today was scary I was sitting with my current BF (who I love very much) and he asked my Boyfriend where he sitting and he came over and sat by me .My Boyfriend knows what happened with him and me and he knows I don’t like him around me I got upset with my BF for letting him sit by me my EX knows I’m dating him but i’m scared he going start shit again my BF tried to hug/kiss/hold hands with him around I wouldn’t let him because I feel awkward my BF and ex are friends so I don’t want be controlling and not let him be friends I just don’t him around me what do I do?

Does this count has RAPE?

I did get tested for HID/AIDS It come out negative

Never let that happen again. You can tell what kind of a person a boy/man is based on his reaction to ‘No.’ Never date anyone like that. And I suppose it might count as rape, because he did kind of force you to, just not physically, but verbally.
And if your current boyfriend knows about this and he lets your ex around you, then you need to have a talk with him. He doesn’t have to stop being friends with this person, but he should also know what’s on your mind. Don’t let yourself be ignored, let those stubborn men know who you are.