Ex problem

My ex went behind my back and the thought about it makes me feel sad.


I really don’t like him right now

Hi @Katelynn

I’m sorry your ex went behind your back. If you’d like to share what happened, perhaps we can try to support you better. This is a good place to have discussions.

He apparently told people that I had problems.

And other people at school has told me that he was going behind my back and calling me names.

I’m sorry that he’s going behind your back calling you names. That’s pretty immature isn’t it? You know what I would do? I would just ignore it because you know he’s making things up just to mess with you. Trying to get a reaction from you, but if you don’t give the reaction he’s not going to see the fun in it anymore and probably give up.

Or you can confront him and ask him to stop, but that can lead to more unwanted drama.

What do you think?


I guess so……maybe not….

@Mystrose is completely right. if you don’t care about that all, they or he will give up on it. often when we face
such situations and go on, they notice that they were doing bad. you are better than that.
there is also nothing wrong with confrontation, to reach out to him in private. to see what he has to say and tell
him your honest thoughts about it.
don’t pressure yourself. you will do great.


I did actually confront him.

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Would you like to share how it went? It’s okay if not. Just checking in on you as this could bring lots of conflicting emotions.

Hey Micro, yes. I’d like to share with y’all. So, he told me that he did say some stuff about me, but I don’t really remember what the heck he said because it was back in 2022. But I do know for a fact that he wanted to make me feel bad about myself.

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His dumb mother even made me feel bad about my damn self.

She even gave me an ultimatum, over text.