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i decided to get back into exercise because i wanted to lose weight and build more muscle. i’ve been going on a few mile walks with my dog and only eating dinner so i’m fasting for around around 24 hours until the next day. it’s helped me lose 5lbs so far in a few days :smiley: it might not be good for me but it’s working and i can keep it off with working out. i only have 5/10lb weights at the moment i’ve been doing exercises at home with but i plan on going to the gym and using equipment too once i move. also i’m 18 now!! that’s crazy… an adult. anyways, i guess my brain switched up because exercising more and studying on my own has been making me happy. i feel more productive. i think it’s because of the friend that i made. they’re extremely supportive and kind to me. i’ve never really had anybody that i’m close with be nice to me as often as they are so maybe i’m just a little excited about that but it doesn’t matter what it is because as of right now, i feel like i’m in an okay spot. i do have breakdown when i’m alone at night still over struggling issues and a lot about my mom, but that’s just a nightly thing, it’s fine. i’m trying, i really am. i just want to be able to be somebody i like.


This is really inspiring, @echo. Love reading about your progress and how positive these changes are for you. Well done for taking care of yourself in such a powerful way. Way to go! :hrtlegolove:


Thats great echo. Super proud of you!!! I am glad that you are taking care of yourself and making yourself healthier. Just dont over do it ok. Know your limits. Other then that you are on a good track. I am glad you have shared this with us :wink: