Ex's,Surgery and regret/reminiscents

So i just had surgery and this is my second day. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. But the thing is i miss my ex . I miss how she used to love me months ago. I blacked out the other day after she told me shes with someone else and said some shit. I know i said i wanted her to leave me alone but now i miss her all over again. She was my second gf ever my first one still talks to me she said i need to get over this one that she was using me. No me and my ex ex aren’t dating again or anything we ended on good terms and are more like best friends. But my ex she changed a lot. She used to not want sex and shit now that she is in public school all of a suden she does. She gets off to anyone who touches her thighs and when me and her were dating it tore me down. Idk how to get over her. Me and her dated for almost 6 months. Im just so fucked plus the pressure from my mom to do my homework but all the meds do that i take for my recovery is make me sleep.

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Hey dude,

I hope your recovery gets easier- I know it can be a rough time especially with all the other obligations of life.

I think that is something a lot of people can relate to. I think it is a normal way to feel after a break up especially if you loved the person.

In breakups people react differently- it may be hard for her to keep in contact with you. I am unsure of all that occurred but with breakups it is sometimes difficult to stay just friends.

We all have different times when we are ready to follow through with sex, it is different for everyone- it’s not just “I want to have sex” most of the time- it is the right person, the right ways of preventing pregnancy, and it is a matter of consent and both parties agreeing and being ready. I know when you feel this way it is easier to state what you have, but I feel as though it is essential for you to look deeper into how she was feeling and what led to the breakup.

Have you told your mother this?

Hope to hear back sometime. I hope what I have stated maybe shifts your view in some ways.

With love,
Lyss (ur pal Blurryface)

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Hi there,
Hope you’re recovering well from your surgery!
Soo it can be hard getting over someone you love. We all go through it at some point of another, it seems like a hard, dark road, that seems like it’s never gonna end. But friend it will. It may take time but eventually we learn to move on. Keep looking Up and to the bright and positive things in life. If you can’t find them, give it a try :slight_smile:
Keep moving forward, I promise it will be worth it. Don’t let the past hold you back from living and seeking out your future and the Good in life. It will be hard, but i am praying for you and we are here to support you.
Hold fast, just breathe, everything will be ok. Praying for you friend.

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Hi Sam, thanks for reaching out.

Missing our loved ones is something we all relate to, you’re not alone. However, not every loss is a loss. I had a similar situation, but it always ended up with my ex cheating on their new bf because we had sex all the time. The thing became toxic and we split paths in the end.

I honestly suggest to concentrate more on yourself and leave toxic situations out. You’ll soon get better, and you’ll find a true and real (girl)friend soon.

Love you

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