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Extreme depression from a breakup

I have had the worst times in my life since my recent loss. Well not to recent. I was talking to this girl, and unofficially dating her for around 7-8 months. I fell in love. Around 6 months she randomly started taking longer to respond. After it happening for around 2 weeks, i had a breakdown over it and out of anxiety i blocked her on everything. A couple hours later i unblocked her and i begged for forgiveness because i felt bad that i just randomly blocked her. Ever since then its been a mess. For the past 11 she has been playing with my feelings, manipulating me and bringing me down and recently i just ended all communication with her. I would go more into detail but i don’t like typing on my phone. I’ll give more detail another morning when i am on my computer. Right now i just need some support, or even someone i can video call of some sort so i can get my sadness and anger out.


Write. Write the story. You’re a good writer. Sit down and write it all out. It’s not the solution, but I guarantee it will help.

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You can vent to me if you want someone to talk to

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Hey @daltonm,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been in this situation. You don’t choose to love, and you don’t choose how people treat you. It sounds that the communication between you and her has been difficult for a long time now. Also that you’ve been trying to set boundaries when it was needed, and despite how you feel about her. That’s very brave, friend.

Feel free to share your story here, whenever you need or want. No obligation though, no pressure. Just know that this is a safe place to do it.

I’m sending hugs to you.

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