Extremely overwhelmed right now x.x

Hi everybody.

Im kind of having an anxiety meltdown and I just need help coping right now.

Im on a work call and at any one time, there are 2 or 3 people speaking over each other which tends to overwhelm me anyway, and Ive also got Kiera yelling and screaming and Im sleep deprived because Kiera has a several hour appointment tomorrow and I need to make up that time so I dont need to work Saturday. Plus I have this work project Im eye balls deep in.

I can feel the anxiety in my chest and I cant step away from any of this. Im getting really bad sensory overload.


Hi there @Sapphire,

Thank you for sharing here. Wow, this sounds like a lot! People talking over each other, Kiera yelling, AND sleep deprivation – that’s rough. I hope you have a chance to get some more sleep tonight, and that things are feeling better now that some time has passed.

You’re a wonderful parent for Kiera and I’m proud of your continued efforts. Hopefully, things get easier for you over the next couple of days.

As always, thank you for being a lovely part of this community. I have faith in you.


Sapphire, I’m so sorry that you’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately. Sensory overload mixed up with anxiety absolutely sucks, is nerve-wracking and terribly exhausting. For what it’s worth: you will make it through and, at some point, manage to replenish your batteries – even if for now everything feels just too much, an addition of stressors that never stop piling up. I hope this weekend is for you an opportunity to rest, find peace, and eventually embrace some silence around if it’s available. Please keep us updated – when that is appropriate for you. I’m rooting for you. :heart:

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Thanks Micro.

My husband and I are going out for a few hours today since we have a babysitter. And 2 weeks from now I go on vacation for a week, so hopefully that helps.

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