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I’ve lived in a new place for two years now. I made friends with coworkers but once I left that job, no one cared to keep in contact. I went to school for two semesters, and had no support system or friends to study with. I feel like I have no one to go to when I’m feeling down with my seasonal depression and everything just feels surface level.

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Hi friend,

Loneliness is one of the hardest things to deal with. It feels like a cut that won’t heal. But I just want to remind you that you will heal. You have had friends before, so it stands that you will make new friends again someday. And until that time you can always come to heartsupport whenever you are feeling down from your seasonal depression. I’m sorry your old coworkers didn’t stay in touch. Keep your head up and know that your new good friend is out there somewhere.

Hold fast,

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I’m sorry your old coworkers didn’t keep in touch with you. People get busy, and sometimes, they forget to get back to someone they know. It’s not your fault. Friends come and go. I learned it the hard way. You will have friends who will be with you until your last breath. You going through a seasonal depression is normal. It won’t last. What you got to do is fight it. You are not alone. HeartSupport is here with you and for you.