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i feel like i’m completely alone. i barely have any friends and i spend most of my time isolated in my room. my depression has gotten pretty bad over the past few months, and i genuinely don’t see a reason to go on most days.

Hey there, don’t feel bad, I don’t have many friends either. I want to encourage you to get connected to some support groups, and just try to find things that make you happy.

I can completely relate, I moved to a different state a year or so ago and have not made any friends because I’m not really a going out kind of person.
I decided that I needed to surround myself around people because I have always struggled with depression which is why I joined the Heartsupport group and started streaming and being more active on Twitter, I have been able to build some great friendships to keep me positive and busy. I hope you can do the same, find some groups online for things that interest you and maybe get involved in chats and boards and you will soon find people who share common interests.
Stay strong x

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