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I’ve never felt loveable. That makes me keep distance with people.

Friend, I relate to this so much. Thank you so much for your post.

For me, it took me recognizing the love that I do have in my life versus the love that I was wanting or desiring in my life, and also realizing that love can be experienced in many different ways. I know that it’s easier to keep distance with people, to reject them before they reject you or so that others don’t let you down, but I believe in doing this you are cutting yourself off from what could be potentially fulfilling connections with others. I hope in time you are able to open yourself up to others more and to start trusting others more again. You have the strength in you, you’ve already shared it here.

I hope our friend Faezaria can speak some encouragement and positivity into your life. You are loved, friend. Hold fast.

Feeling unloved is a situation that people of all types feel it’s a natural response of not thinking your good enough but that does change the fact that you are good enough and no matter what God loves you and I love you and I know their is plenty more people out there that love you

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