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Failed at it again


Well I gave in…8 days what a waste… and the cycle keeps going… I do good, but get knocked down again. I knew the joy wasn’t gonna last me. I give in too easily. I’m so easily triggered because I don’t know how to control my own emotions. There it is! I hurt myself again, now I have to cover it up with make up so no one will see… wow what a routine to get used to. Should’ve known the good days were too good to be true.


Hey friend, don’t be defeated so quickly.
You may have gave in tonight, but be proud of those 8 days; I know every second can be a battle when fighting the urge to relapse. So take pride in that victory, and know that more victories are on the way. You have nothing to be ashamed of, let’s move forward from this together.
You are not alone. You are loved. You matter. Keep fighting.

Hang in there friend,


Hey Friend,

I agree with Jaden. Take pride in the victory! 8 days is 8 days!! That is most definitely a victory!! Recovering from self-harm is a battle and a journey. You can do this, and you’ll be able to make it another 8 days and then some! We believe in you!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


Every victory counts, my friend. We all have hard battles to fight and all of us screw up. We are in this together. We are here for you and keep reaching out when it gets tough. You are going to beat this with being proactive.


Absolutely! 8 days is awesome, next time teyband go 9. It all adds up and the effort you’re putting in matters sooooo much. I am so very proud of you. We are here to help you and to support you.
I highly, HIGHLY recommend getting a copy of Rewrite, it should be on the HeartSupport website. It helped me a lot to recover from self harm.
Hold fast friend,
Hannah Presley


Good things take time.

You know why life knocks us down, right?

Hold fast. Love you ╳