Failing in sports and i dont know what to do

sorry for bad grammar, english is not my first language
In my old school, i was in the school track and field team. Ofc i wasnt the best at it, but i made alot of good memories and some medals back. A few months ago, i transferred to a new school. I decided to go participate in the track and field school team selection. I was actually pretty sure that i would get accepted for my long distance running. That was the only thing i was good at. However, im a really short person and im bad at the others such as long jump, sprinting etc. A few days later, the school team name list was out, and i didn’t get accepted. Although i was aware of my lack of skills, I was so disappointed. I still am now. Im really trying to get over it, but i can’t. Two of my classmates were accepted into the school team, and here i am having to watch them. but of course, im happy for them. after i stopped track and field, i noticed that im gaining weight. My original body figure is gone, and my legs eventually got thicker. Im super sad about this, can anyone give me tips? I am trying to workout but school has been really tough lately because there are lots of exams.


hey kimikimi,

thank you for being here and opening up about what weighs heavy on your heart. transferring to a new school all by itself is a lot of stress to add to anyone’s shoulders. even through this major life change, it’s such an incredible leap forward to get involved in this new school by trying out for the track and field team. although it felt frustrating and disappointing when your name wasn’t on the list, it took so much strength and bravery to try it out. i wonder if you can train with your classmates such as a morning run together so you can build friendships while you help your body? i bet they’d love an extra running partner!

and hey, i’m wishing you the best of luck on your exams. it’s definitely the tougher part of education but i know you’ll conquer it all! i hope you can care for yourself as you study and celebrate to the max once the exams are done. you deserve it!


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First off, you are so brave to try out after just moving to a new school. The stress of being in a new school can be hard enough, but you did it. Your disappointment is real and understandable, but use this for motivation. I am reminded of Michael Jordan not making his high school team when he was a freshman, he used that as motivation to train harder and now he is arguably the greatest to play basketball. Its perfectly understandable that the stress of exams has taken its toll. You mentioned not working out like you once did, maybe take a short break from studying and do some push ups, take a quick run, or anything to clear your mind and get your blood flowing amd then get back to the books. And remember, exams will end and you can have time to get in training like you want. It can be tough when discouragement creeps in, but use that as motivation. You got this and know that you have already achieved so much and you have so many more things to achieve. Don’t give up, I believe in you.

With love


Coming to a new school and starting exams is a big undertaking. It can be stress to have so much to have to focus on and then the thing that helps you engage and unwind, the thing you have passion for feels like it’s been taken from underneath you.
This time of not getting on the team isn’t a failure and doesn’t have to be a set back. It’s okay to acknowledge that you’re upset and that it has had an effect on you. Are there groups outside of school to at do running that you feel you would like to join? It could not only help with training, but building a community of support around you.
There is a list of phenomenal athletes that had a rough start and had people deny them a chance and went on to become some of the greatest athletes in their field. This doesn’t mean you have to become the absolute best, but I hope that looking into their stories gives you some inspiration that you are capable beyond what you’re feeling at this moment.
I’ll leave a link so you can see some of their stories and hopefully you will also feel less alone in this.
Inspiring athletes


Hi there,

Welcome back to the forum! Thank you for coming back and telling us what’s up! I understand the disappointment of feeling like you are falling behind from not making the team. It is completely okay to feel disappointed, especially if track and field is a huge passion of yours. Transferring to a new school with different people can make it all the more daunting. However, my biggest word of advice is not to lose hope. Exams will pass sooner or later and there will be opportunities for you to try out for track and field. If you need a break from exams, it might be good to take a 10-15 minute breather and do a small exercise so you can put your energy into something else. You can also try and work out with your friends and classmates on the team to prepare for tryouts next time. Taking negative energy and putting towards working towards the goal of trying to prepare for the next tryouts will create productive and positive energy. This is something that I am working on just so that I can remain fit. You are not alone in this battle, and I wish you the best for your future tryouts. I believe in you!

Best wishes,



hi there!
i’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through this. it’s always tough to face disappointment, especially when you’ve put in so much effort and had high hopes. it’s great that you’re happy for your classmates, but it’s completely natural to feel a bit down about not making the team yourself. try to remind yourself of the achievements and memories you made in your old school. those experiences are valuable and show your capability and dedication. not making the team doesn’t define your abilities or worth. here are a few tips that might help: create a flexible workout schedule that fits into your busy school routine, even if it’s just 15-20 minutes of running, stretching, or strength training. stay active in small ways by taking the stairs, walking or cycling to school, or doing light exercises during study breaks. look for other sports or clubs at your school that you might enjoy to stay active and meet new people. most importantly, be kind to yourself and remember that it’s okay to feel sad about this. give yourself time to process your feelings, but also remind yourself of your strengths and the things you’re good at.

balancing school and fitness can be challenging, but taking small steps can make a big difference. keep pushing forward, and don’t be too hard on yourself. you’ve got this! best of luck, and stay strong!

sending love
celina <333


Hey there,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing these setbacks. I can understand how frustrating it can be when you give something your best shot and it still doesn’t work out. It’s very disappointing and it can make you question your worth and if you’re good enough. But I hope you understand that failure is just apart of life. What really matters is that you tried and you put yourself out there which is something to be proud of. It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all. And as for keeping healthy, I think it might be good for you if you picked up long distance running. It seems like you enjoyed it and even if you cant do it for the track and field team, doesn’t mean you cant do it on your personal time.

You’re doing great!


Hi Kimikimi,
You’ve got a lot going on and I can totally understand the disappointment of not getting something that you were excited to do.
It doesn’t seem like a completely “closed door” to me though. I’ve found that asking the coaches for some suggestion’s on things to work for tryouts next time really helps. Also, there might be opportunities to join the team as an assistant or equipment manager. It could be a great way to build a relationship with the team and you’ll be in a better position to make the team next time.
Keep your head up. You’ve got this!
Thanks for sharing,


Hey there! Im sorey you are going through this, its definitely discouraging but do not let it stop you and dont quit on yourself.

School and sports can be a load to manage trust me i know from experience, but one thing that i definitely recommend that always worked for me, is getting up early in the morning, around 5 or 6. Working out in the morning allows your body’s metabolism to build muscle and burn calories through the day and its very effective, and also school wise you wouldn’t have to worry about trying to fit time working out in the afternoon because you already did it in the morning, it definitely helped me alot when i was playing football and had to manage between school and sports. Getting up early in the morning and going to work out allowed my body to build endurance and strength way better than the afternoon, it takes time but you get used to waking up that early

In terms of school, any homework that needs to be done… definitely use study hall time if you have it and knock it out there… if not then as soon as you get home, knock it all out as soon as you get there, so that way you have either free time to yourself or for any other important things you need to do, so as if you want to put any extra work into getting better as an athlete, it always benefited for me

You got this, do not let anything else bring you down, without failure we don’t get better, you got this! I believe in you! Best of luck!!