Failure for life

For the last few months I felt like a complete failure to my band. I try to learn songs that we want to cover and all I do is end up falling apart. I feel like I’m failing them and that I’m going to end up being a disgrace to them. I feel like I’m going to cry and just drop the band completely and never live my dream as a musician.

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@RickyP I don’t know anything about being in a band, but I do know that learning new music can be tough and sometimes a lot of practice and frustrating days/weeks. My hope for you is that you can practice patience with yourself as you learn some new songs. Nobody can be an expert overnight. You have the passion for it, I can hear it in your post!! You’re already in a band and working on music which is a HUGE step towards pursuing your dream to be a musician. A lot of people are afraid to take that step so you are seriously SHOWING UP for your dream. That’s amazing. I’m sure that your band is happy to have you and isn’t viewing you as a failure. We are often our toughest critic and the least forgiving of ourselves.

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Hi there!

I really dont know how a band works or I am not either a musician, but I agree a 100% with @ktStark to be in the music world it isnt easy, it means so much practice and so much work. I know it too, because I have started to play a musical instrument and it isnt easy and I cant imagine what is to be in a band. So hang on you arent a failure!

Maybe you should have a conversation with your band about how you are feeling, I think that it will help you and the band. Because I think that when this things happen I think that after having a conversation the group grew stronger.

So dont give up and you arent a failure :blush:

Hey @RickyP,

Thanks for being open and honest on how you are feeling lately regarding your band. Perseverance, patience, and practice are the main three P’s when you are in a band because things do not happen overnight instantly. When you get in a funk try taking a break for a day to get head-space so that your dream as a musician comes back into focus. Burn out and disgrace happens when you want something, take heart friend.

Be hopeful about tomorrow for many promised things will happen

Hold fast

Eric F.

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