Fallen leafs

Let the lights go dark I will not fight
Just let me slip away into the night
Don’t waste your breath or your time
For now just read this basic rhyme

Death is always just one step away
This time hope won’t lead me stray
A tool of torture is an empty hope
And I will no longer have to cope

I know I have always been mad
And my story is comically sad
Don’t worry though the end is near
And this life I will no longer fear

Oh it’s gone the pain and sorrow
When you know there is no tomorrow
Love is always tied to hate
And for my heart it’s all too late

Those scary moments when life slowly leaves
Can be found in the beauty of Autumn leafs
It can be found with one step on the rail
When every other way seem to fail

Death brings no fear to my heart
It’s better then let it fall apart
My thoughts were always there for me
And in them the truth I cannot flee

The truth I tried to hide away
But it has always found it’s way
To tell me words a tried not to hear
That in death there is nothing to fear


Hello friend,

Good to see you capturing your feelings in lyrics or poetry. Hoping that you gain some comfort in expressing these feelings above and do not follow thru with them in a literal sense. Thinking of you and hoping you are alright. Please be safe and reach out to those that care about you. If I don’t even know you and I am concerned and care, how much more do do others that do know you!

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