Familiar feeling

I’m starting to get that familiar feeling, like everything is crumbling around me, and I’m desperately trying to keep things together, and not just fall back into my depression.


@lonelyfreak i know how you feel with feeling like everything is crumbling. Finding you foundation is the key to not slipping back into depression. Find that one thing that brings you joy and stimulates your excitement.

At the moment nothing does nothing excites me, the main thing I love doing is actually a part of why I am feeling the way I do.

This could be a sign of Anhedonia which is a symptom of depression (and other things). You could watch this video about it and see if you can relate to it. You would need a proper diagnosis of course. I have major depression and when anhedonia pops up, it’s really hard to do anything and suicidal ideation is a struggle. One of the things they say to do is force yourself to keep doing the things you like. I know how hard that is tho. Sorry you’re having a rough time <3


Thank you I will check out the video when I can.

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From: twixremix

hey friend,

i’m so sorry you’re feeling this way, it’s an all too familiar feeling for me as well. while i’m glad our bodies can sense things heading downwards fast like this, i wish there was an easy way not fall into these depressions. if you’re comfortable with sharing, i wonder if reframing the thing you love to do will allow you to find enjoyment again without feeling the depressive aspects of it? in the meantime, the thing that recently helped get me out of an extremely deep depression was to talk about it. it’s cathartic to yell and cry and talk out everything clogging your mind. you know this forum is always here to listen and support and i’m sure someone in your life will also be happy to save you from a major depressive episode if it means a few moments of listening to what’s on your mind and heart. sending you love and comfort through this, my friend.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey lonelyfreak :hrtlegolove: I know how you feel. It’s just the worst when you can feel something like that coming on you don’t know how to stop it but you want to stop it. And especially when your favourite things cannot hold your attention like it used to. I hope you can find something happy to hang onto. I know that when I’m down and don’t feel like reading sometimes stepping back and not even trying for a bit helps and sometimes reading one of my favourite books and embracing it like an old friend helps me. I don’t know if what you love doing can be helped in the same way but I hope that you can find some way to help embrace it again.

Please feel free to share more about what’s going on and how you’re feeling if you want to. We are always here for you :hrtlegolove:


One of the main problems is that I always feel alone like I don’t belong anywhere, like a lost ship out at sea unable to anchor down anywhere.

You are already a valued member of this community. We’ve invited you to hang out in heart support’s live Twitch streams with us and to join our Discord so you can see what else the community has to offer.

The great thing about this community is that we all struggle with life, depression, loneliness, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal ideation and all kinds of different things. You’re not alone in your struggles and the way this community works is awesome.

We support and love each other here. We don’t exclude anyone and we accept you for who you are 100%.

Take the next step @lonelyfreak :hrtlegolove: