Family Counselling

Hi friends,
I was just curious if anyone has experience with family counselling? I am going to my first session with my Mom in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone had tips for getting the most out of the experience? Or what to expect?
Thank you!


Hi @Panda007 I’ve had family counseling and I will give you the most important advice anyone could possibly give you. Be completely honest, don’t hide family secrets or anything to protect your parents or even you. Also, be prepared to hear things you might not want to hear.

I’ll never forget my father saying that he wanted me to be a boy when my mother was pregnant with me.

It can be a good and healthy experience if you give yourself to it.

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Thank you for your message. I appreciate it (and sorry your Dad thought that way!) I think a lot of men are just scared of having daughters, because it’s very different than raising a boy in some peoples minds lol. I look forward to the honesty portion of counselling and tackling problems head on (rather than burying my head in the sand like my Mom does for a lot of things.) thanks again :heart:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend Thank you for your post, I have not been to family counceling however years ago when I was in therapy I did used to bring members of my family in now and again and I think the main thing is to make notes of exactly what you want to gain from this therapy yourself and as a family and make sure you say everything you want to say, don’t hold back in there, speak your mind and be honest, therapy doesn’t work if you don’t speak your truth but you also have to hear the truth from to others, try to makes notes too so you can read it back afterwards. I think you’ll do pretty well if you can do all that. I wish you lots of luck and hope you do get what you want from it. Much Love Lisa.


From: twixremix

hey panda! thank you for being here on this forum and wanting to get the most out of your time in family counseling with your mom. most people go in blindly without thinking through all they hope to get out of the experience so i’m really happy you can take some time before that to prepare for it! the biggest advice i can give is similar to what rosie/mystrose shared with you above: this is your opportunity and platform to speak openly about ways to improve your relationship with your mom. don’t hold back or else you won’t get the most out of the experience. the big question though is what would YOU like to get out of these counseling sessions? do you want her to listen more? express that frustration and allow the counselor to help guide that discussion. do you want her to understand you more? share the specifics on what it takes to understand you. etc etc etc. just speak your heart and put trust in your counselor and you’ll have a successful session! wishing you both the best of luck and that this holiday season is amazing and restful! love, twix


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Panda! I have a friend with that username. It’s a good name :slight_smile: I have not been to family counseling but I think it is great you are doing that with your mom. Maybe you should think about what you want to accomplish with the therapy and write out a few things you hope to go over so that you feel you can be prepared? Just think about it ahead of time and write them down so you don’t forget. I hope it goes well for you and brings you and your mom closer together. Please keep us updated on how it goes. :hrtlegolove:


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