Family issue/ Family drama

Its seem my family is falling apart, Both my two older sibblings have disconected themselves from my mother that raise them and gave nothing but love. My mother and father are not perfect, but they are awesome parents that love us and took care of us. We may not agree on thier religious views, but still not right to push out of our lives. My sister had to do an abourtion when 19 and it upset my parents becuase they are Catholic. Honstly I know my sister did that right decision and understand that she mad at my parent for judge her. But I did not respect her going on facebook making lies about my parents, bashing my other family like my uncle who is a bishop in vermount. Also saying my dad abuse ( which he never did) and say that mother was not a good mom. Now she side with my bother who has a wife that abuse my newphew and she (brother wife) think me and my parents are low lives. Its hurt because I see both side hurting. However, My mom is suffering the most and she feel she fail as mom.

Im mad at my older sister and brother, I know my parents are not perfect, but that are good people, they never made us do chores, or abuse us or let us down. They did everything in their power to help us and raise us. I just fucking pissed off how they treat my mother, she do not deserse this.

That’s rough. Family hardships can be so hard. I went through a lot of them myself.
I’m sorry that your sister is feeling so resentful towards your parents right now. I hope that in time that she will see that you only have one set of parents and find it in her heart to be forgiving so that you guys can be close. Cherish the family you have. As not all people get to have that and one day you may find yourself regretting it if you don’t.
Sending you lots of love my friend. Stay strong. Maybe a heart to heart with the family may help? If they are willing to be calm and open minded to each other and not get angry or raise voices.
Maybe everyone just needs to be heard and take turns apologizing. Maybe a fresh start could help.

Much love.

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Thank you! DearKoyangi

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