Family issues

I have had issues before and it dont seem to get any better i try to be nice but nothing i do works. I try doing stuff around the house when i can and my mom continues to accuse me of stealing and not doing anything. Im just a girl thats having twins coming in june and this is too much on me with nowhere to go. so regarding this i need help to figure out how i can convince here i didnt do anything wrong. I was just asked to do something for my grandmother and this is just bringing me down in the worst way


Hey @emoamy666,

Thank you so much for being here. :heart:

I’m sorry to hear about this issue between your mom and you. :frowning: It’s really tough when someone accuses you of something you didn’t do and make you feel unwanted where you live. Does this kind of disagreement happen often with your mom? How is your relationship with her generally? Is there a reason why she would accuse you of stealing? Just to understand a little more the context and eventually how to communicate with your mom. :heart:

I also want you to know that I hear you and I believe you. It’s really hard to have a family member who doesn’t trust you and make you feel bad about yourself. Know that you are not alone right now, and you matter to us here.

well it happens not so often but it tends to get pretty bad and with our relationship it hasnt been the best with her giving me up to my grandmother when i was born and with her accusing me i told her i just took my grandmothers wallet back upstairs and didnt take money at all from her and she even had a camera in place so she mistook what i did for stealing

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That sounds really tough, friend. I’m sorry your mom doesn’t seem to trust you - and seems to be quite controlling with all of this. It makes sense that your relationship would be difficult with how you’ve been through. You mentioned that it tends to get pretty bad - how does that look like, precisely? If you don’t want to respond that’s okat by the way. It’s just to understand a little more the situation/context, as I hear that all of this has been stressful to you.

Also, did you have the opportunity to talk together since your last post? It sounds that this misunderstanding could be resolved by having a calm conversation together, but if she is determined to not believe you there will be a point when you won’t be able to do more. Trust goes both ways and as long as you are honest with her and yourself, then you know you did the right thing. At the end of the day, you know what you’ve done and ultimately the decision of believing you or not still belongs to your mother. But I really hope she will and you’ll find a time to communicate together, to make room for mutual understanding. :heart:

well after i proved my point that i didnt do anything things worked out i just pray that it dont start again cause i do what i can to make her happy. and to answer the first question asked i said it got pretty bad cause when we fought she wanted me to move out and all but it is not her house its my grandmothers. either way things worked out now so hopefully it stays

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I’m really glad to hear that it turned out to be okay, friend. Thank you so much for the update. I hope your mom and you will manage to make room for each other in times to come. Communication can be extremely complex, but it sounds that you’re really willing to make things work as best as possible. You have a good heart, friend. Wishing you all the best. :heart:

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I am confused, are you saying you’re pregnant?

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