Family {issues}

My grandparents keep fighting, and I don’t like seeing them fight. It hurts. And no, I am not going to confront them.

My grandpa has been in the ER a lot. He’s home now, but we’re really worried about him.

He’s had a lot of blood clots, shivers, and kidney stones.

I want him to be okay, and we worry about him because we love him so much.

Could you guys please help pray for him? I’d really appreciate it. :sweat:


Absolutely I will! I hope he gets better. I hope you remain strong in your understanding and compassion.

Your grandparents fighting is probably a response to stress. I do think confronting them would be a mistake. It would be better to comfort them to whatever extent you can. They are very fortunate to have you around. Are they always fighting, or are there times when they are comfortable together? Intermittent fighting is far preferable to silent despair.

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my thoughts are with you and your family. i am sure he is strong and will get through that.
take your time with him, spend time with him and do something together. that will be an help for him. show him some
of your cards you did a while ago.
you are loved, and you matter my friend :purple_heart:


Hey @Katelynn,

Just sending a little reminder of love and plenty of hugs your way. Our thoughts definitely went – and still go – to your family and you. When a family member, or someone we love dearly, has to go to the ER, it brings so much fear and anxiety. It makes sense to be worried about your grandpa as you wish the best for him. although it is truly a good sign that he has been sent back home at the time. Doctors generally do it when they feel confident that urgent is not necessary at the moment, and there is no doubt that he would be very grateful for being with his family, spending time with you all.

If I may ask, how has he been doing since you posted a couple of weeks ago? And how have you been handling the situation on your end?

I’m sending thoughts your way today, and hope for the best for you all. Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove: