Family Relationships

My dad and I have had an estranged relation ship ever since I could remember. It’s always me reaching out to him and never the other way around. I even wrote him a letter on Father’s Day explaining that I’m the only one trying and I don’t feel like he loves me. He never told me he even received the card let alone read the letter. The last time I was hospitalized, I wrote him a letter and called him after 5+ years of not speaking. He had no idea I was ever sick because he never took the time to stick around to get to know me. I just feel so unwanted. I didn’t do anything to deserve the way he treats me. Just sucks is all.

Hey @captainobvss. I’m sorry for the way your father acts. Sometimes fathers don’t live up to the title and you just gotta keep living your own life. If he doesn’t want to be a part of your life, that’s his loss.
Hold Fast!