Father of two daughters. 10 years apart but I failed with both of them

English is not my first language so Iam sorry Had my first daughter at the age of 18. Was drinking alot at the time and some drugs. Gf was 23 at the time and in the same situation. Was kicked out within 3 months becouse I couldnt be sober… Said its for her best and turned my life around. Sober for 5 years and met a new women. 3 years into it she got pregnant. Happy with the family and I have a good job. She cheats on me. First time its yea Iam at work alot. Give her a second chance. Happens again. I start to drink. She is mad and hits me. Ignore it. Drunk the next day she tries to hit me but I block it and hit her back she runs out. 2 hours later she comes back with her new bf and his friends and I get the shit kicked out of me. Back to regular time. 2 weeks ago I lost custody for my daughter becouse I hit my ex becouse of the drinking. I dont want to be like this but Iam. I just needed to write it out. No friends left that I can talk too.

Hey friend, thanks for reaching out.
You know its never to late to change or To start over. Yes there will be times when we fall. But we are never too far gone. Maybe pray about it and ask God to help. i know that when i’ve done that that He’s helped me tremendously. He’s a great listener too :slight_smile:
There is more to what you may know. Look for the things in your life that aren’t helping you become the best version of yourself. Once you find that, seek out the help necessary and what you can to do to remove yourself from them. It may seem like a hard process, but it is so worth it. praying for you <3

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It takes a lot of insight and self-awareness to have been able to verbalize this all.
Pleas know that it is never too late to start over and become the best version of you that you want to be.
It’s not always easy but it is worth it. When you start/continue to work on yourself and become the healthy person you want to be, I have found you never know what will happen for the best in all sorts of relationships.

Take Care and Stay Strong.