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Favorite song rn (I'm depressed and need something to listen to)


I’m really bored and wallowing in bad thoughts. Can anyone throw some song suggestions at me? I feel like this might be a good distraction for others feeling the same too. What’s a good song you are jammin to rn?


So many songs. My go to cheer up song is High Hopes by panic at the Disco but the new coheed and cambria album is ungodly beautiful and has kept me in a great mood since it came out.


I’m having a great time with the new Slipknot song, it feels even better every time I listen to it. It might sound strange but it puts me in a good mood for everything.

Careless Whisper by Wham is the greatest song of all time.

Pioggia :sunflower:

Edit: is anyone here born knowing the lyrics of Mr Brightside?


i usually play soft or voices by motionless in white, but a great song to cry to is never too late by three days grace.


My go-to song has always been Sing by My Chemical Romance. Danger Days is probably my favorite album of all time and it always makes me feel better.

Right now though, I’m listening to Set The World On Fire by Black Veil Brides-- I’m getting obsessed with their song Rebel Love Song again.

Hope this helps! :hearts:


Hey @John! When I’m struggling through a season of extreme anxiety, I like to put on relaxing music like Hammock to calm me down. When I’m struggling through a season of heavy depression, I personally like to put on music from Hillsong or Bethel. :slight_smile:


This is an old song I did. Its definitely one of my favorites. Listen to it almost every day. Hope it helps… I’ve been looking for a post where I can share my music for a long time now. I have so many good songs with no one to share them with. I appreciate whoever takes the time to listen to it.


Right now i play whole songs from blesthefall latest album (Hard Feelings), mostly played Sleepless In Phoenix, it’s a meaningful song when you’re down.


Disease the whole album . It has seriously helped keep my sainity at the moment


A Day To Remember: We Got This


Don’t lose your heart - Dream on Dreamer
HollowShell - Dayseeker
I’m not alright - Sanctus Real


@Carolyn88 Dude saaame


Dude, yes. I could sing that song in my sleep. I was watching a video about how it is still a chart topping song because it’s timeless. Would totally be down for a duet


Beartooth is the best for my depression


Anything by Black Veil Brides


rent - another day
only us - dear evan hansen
the midnight -vampires
gunship - art3mis & parzival


Spirit breaker of mice and men
The lines beartooth
Disease beartooth

Im in a similar spot too. I know it’s hard but everything will get better. God has a plan for all of us


I meant spirit breaker August burns red


ive got tons lol like no ordinary love by memphis may fire, Alive, Dont Let Me Fade Away, Whitness, all by Wage war, any ice nine kills songs (their new album is amazing) and Suicide;Stigma by The Color Morale always helps me


‘When I meet death’ - by Time, the Valuator
I always listen to this when feeling sad and cycling
Hold fast John!