Fear of The Dentist

Hello HeartSupport,

I know this sounds like a little kid problem, but in the situation, I do feel like I’m too scared to go to the dentist because I have a decaying wisdom tooth which is the furthest left on my upper-jaw and with being in the place where I’m not normally playing as much attention too It has decayed down the back of the tooth and beginning to decay the left of the tooth, so I feel as if I have left it too late to be recovered, so a filling will have to be used or have the tooth out (wisdom teeth are known for hurting more then regular teeth) and maybe a possible Root Canal which is very scary to think about, never mind going thought, because I never liked general check-up’s never minded an operation, so I’ve been going on to NHS (National Health Service in the UK) and other health websites asking what would happen if I felt it and some say the tooth’s root will decay and fall out and the gum will heal and some other say the same, but say’s it could leave to a serious infection in the future needing a worse root canal procedure, so thinking of going to the dentist even to have it checked out is scaring me and then looking it up online is making me scared about the chance of needing a serious operation and I feel the chills and feel paniced even thinking about it and writing this post.

What do I do? I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Adam | Mini

Who isn’t afraid of the dentist? But you also have to remember these people are doctors, they’ve gone through at least 10 years of schooling in order to get their job, so they should have plenty of experience. And pain is temporary. You’ll deal with about a week of pain, then you’ll be set for the rest of your life! I strongly recommend that you go since the tooth is already decayed so much. Remember it’s only a week or so of pain and then you’ll be good!

Adam - This isn’t a child fear this is an EVERYONE EVER fear. I would love to try and be supportive here but uhm. I just read my own story there. I needed root canal years ago and refused to go in and have it done. I’m one of those people that just sits through the pain until it goes away… I’d have to be physically forced to the dentist to even get within a foot of the building… and frankly I know it’s caused an issue but I’m still alive… XD
so… the best thing I can suggest is take someone who isn’t deathly afraid of the dentist that you trust with you… and find dentists recommended by those who you know have a fear but go anyway…

I totally get you and this is not an irrational fear. About a few weeks ago I had to have eye surgery and just the thought of someone touching my eyes is just like nails on a blackboard for me. It was really terrible. But, you have to trust that the doctors know what they are doing and the anesthesy will make the pain very bearable. It is better to get help that extend your tooth suffering.

Wisdom teeth removal is not that bad. I had 2 removed and the pain was not that bad. Wish you luck!