Fears of Relationship

I am currently in a relationship with a woman is great and seems genuine. I have concerns that she’ll break up with me because of my sexual past. I have moved on from it but have fears like what will she think? I also have a fear I have an std even though I’ve been tested. I guess I’m just afraid of the worst. Also like to ad that she’s a Christian and so am I

First, if you’ve been tested and haven’t had any kind of sexual relations since, I think it’s safe to say you don’t have anything.
Also, my boyfriend and I have been together over 2 years and I still don’t know everything about his sexual past, and he doesn’t know about me. He feels like it’s not worth talking about because it’s in the past and we focus on each other now. He would prefer not to know.
I wouldn’t lie about anything if he asked me about it, we just both mutually decide not to talk about it.