Fears with traveling

I need to get this out somewhere.
Next week I fly out to see my family for christmas.
I’m scared of flying, the last time I did was with my first, and very abusive boyfriend, I know I will have my current partner with me and It’s not the same. But emotions never Listens to logic and it’s telling me it is the same. It’s causing me to have near panic attacks. I’ve called my mom and asked her what I used to have when I had panic attacks and she told me, the Bach Rescue remedy, I got some but one again emotional mind is telling me nothing will work and panic sets in again. I feel like I’m about to snap.
I’m scared to see, most, my family. I saw my mom recently and I lived with her when she was sick. But my sister, my brother, their partners. I haven’t seen them in years, 10+ for my brother, and I just am so scared. With my social anxiety it’s telling me that I’m going to be hated and unloved and treated terribly. I know it’s not true, I just can’t shake it.
I’ve told my mom all of this and she’s going to do what she can to help me, but I still can’t shake these emotions. It’s been flooding my brain and I just can’t function.
I don’t know what kind of answer I’m trying to find, if any, I just need to let this out so it was somewhere and not plaguing my mind anymore.


Hi LadTap

Flying can be a scary and stressful time. Especially during the holidays. I totally know the feeling. I imagine it’s even worse when you have a fear for flying.

I think the most stressful part of flying is getting through the security. So some things to help make this go quicker.

  • Put as much as you can under the plane. The less you have with you ON the plane, the less you have to stress and worry about as you get through security.
  • Don’t wear ANY jewelry. It all has to come off in order to go through the security check point. So wearing nothing is better so you have less to take on and off. Same with lots of lotions and creams. It’s easier to wear less. To prevent setting off the security check point.
  • Wear shoes that easily slip off. So when you go through the security you don’t have to fuss with your shoes.
  • If you take any electronics, know that they typically want laptops, game consoles like switches and ipads to be put in their own separate bin as they go through the scan. So maybe just pick the one you want the most for less hassle.
  • Load up on music and movies. Every time before I go on a trip, I always download movies to my phone so I can watch them on the plane. I also usually sub to Spotify and download my favorite playlists. It helps take away that anxiety.

These are just a few things that can help eliminate the EXTRA stress on top of the fear of flying. But also remember that you have your partner with you. So if you need, swap him for whatever seat is most comfortable for you. When I last flew, I told the flight attended that I was autistic and don’t fly well and she did her best to make me comfortable. Even swapping my seat for someone elses that was closer to the front of the plane so I could get off quicker when we landed. Let the flight attended know that you are an anxious flier and see if maybe someone would be willing to swap seats with you.

I hope that your trip goes smoothly friend. I know how stressful it can be. I love you very much.