Fed up With All Of This

So this Friday I get paid, and i was planning to put off paying my amscot till my next paycheck so that this paycheck i could only spend a little. But now instead i have to help out my family , when I shouldnt have to amscot just so they arent broke. I just I cant handle this and I need help on what to do.

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Thank you for sharing. Have you told them how you feel? Maybe they can help pick up the slack. Can you pick up more hours/OT? I know working extra hours can be exhausting but it’ll be worth it when you see that in your next paycheck. What about services/apps for extra money? Donating blood or other things. Selling old stuff you don’t want.

Keep grinding👊

Hey @Aleister - I want to echo what @GrundySmash said. If you haven’t told your family how you feel about your situation, I would highly recommend doing so. In the meantime, have you considered picking up a second job to help financially stabilize yourself? I drive for DoorDash as a second job (similar to Postmates) to bring in some extra money and I actually kind of enjoy it!