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Hello everyone!
I few weeks ago i posted a very desperate topic, for i really was desperate at the time, and people from here were absolute angels from heaven! A lot of comforting words, which really helped at the time, and it made me keep trying to find other things for me to do so i could escape that hole i lived my whole life.
Anyway, a while ago i was searching for natural ways to make myself feel better, and after a lot of reading and asking, i was presented to L-Theanine. It’s an aminoacid found mostly in green tea (though in small quantities), but it’s now also sold in a supplement form.
Now, i am not a doctor and i don’t think we should tell people to take this or that, but i’ve even spoke to a psychiatrist about it, and she said it is showing incredible results to a lot of people who suffers frmo depression and anxiety, so i was prescribed with 100mg (just a reminder that it is not a drug, it is a natural supplement)
After i took the first time it was almost weird, i felt somehow a new person, not because it changed me or my mind or my personality, but because i did not remember feeling well before, it was one of the most incredible things i’ve been through, after decades of pure anguish i had not only felt hope, but a real satisfaction to be here, which is undescribable.
So this is my feedback, and hopefully people who are struggling with the same problems as i was could maybe talk to a doctor and ask about it. Plus, i would encourage some of you to google and read about it.
Thank you all and have a great day!


Btw, this is the original post:

i have the biggest, goofiest happiest grin on my face as I read this!

Love that you spoke to the doctor too, and then tried. This is why I love tea so much maybe LOL!
thanks for sharing the info, but more than that, thanks for sharing the relief and hope you’ve felt. That’s truly awesome to read!

You were one of those angels! Thank YOU!

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I am SO happy that you found something that’s helpful for you! I’m also incredibly happy that you enjoy being part of this community. It’s a great place to be and we’re SO happy you’re here, friend!
I really appreciate you mentioning that people should always reach out to their health care provider before trying something. Thanks for looking out for others!


From: ManekiNeko

this is really so wonderful! This post just filled my heart! And I commend you so so much for the way you worded this and encouraging others to talk to their dr about trying something new. The fact that it is something that has made a difference to you though is just really positive and lovely to hear!


GoingMad, Thank you for getting back about how you are doing. Your post has made me smile ear to ear. I loved hearing about what has worked for you and how you checked with your doctor before doing so. Thank you for being an amazing responsible member of our community to share what worked in a way that reminds everyone to check with their doctor but “hey look at what I found”. Well said my friend. well said.


Hi GoingMad,
thank you so much for coming back. thank you for sharing.
this is really lovely to read and i am happy to know that you are better now. that helped you, makes me smile.
posts like this show us, that we are doing it right. thank you so much !
also a big thank you for your well written advise, that it could work, but should be mentioned to your therapist,
doctor or else. you never know if it can have an influence on your body, medication or something else, even tough
its natural.
have a wonderful day, you absolutely deserve it. you are loved and you matter :purple_heart: :hugs:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Welcome Back and thank you so much for such amazing feedback, It always such a joy to hear how people get on after they have posted and to hear that you are feeling so much better brings such a smile to my heart, im so proud of you for working so hard to help yourself make improvements. Thank you also for all of the information that you have given. I would just like to add as a footnote to all of you awesome info and that is that even if something is a natural supplement it does not mean it will mix with other medication so you should ask your doctor before taking anything just to check. But thank you anyway and I wish you all the very best for the future. xx