Feel guilty

Hellooo long time, no see. I’ve missed being in the community and left after being overwhelmed with life and going through some things that I needed time to process. I pretty much ghosted everyone in the community and feel like I owe people who helped me and loved me an apology for leaving so abruptly. I feel like I’m in a better headspace now to properly receive support and believe the encouragement that people are saying, I just needed time away. Again, I feel awful for making it seem like I’m ungrateful or was ungrateful for the friends I made in the community and people who I met. I think about the people in this community every day and really do miss being here and am excited and happy to be back, just feel guilty


hi there!!
This may be my first time interacting with you but I’m sure everyone will be delighted to have you back! There is no pressure in being here, and of course we must always always do what is best for out mental health! I’m glad you’re in a better headspace now! No need to feel awful :slight_smile: it looks like you learnt a lot about yourself in the last few months and that’s exciting to see! Welcome back! :smiley:



You never owe any apology for having a life, needs and especially a need for time to figure things out. You know how it goes already: to come and go is completely fine, and connecting with someone should never be done as an obligation. Let’s kick this guilt away because it doesn’t have to be present.

It is SO good to hear that you managed to take time for you and that what might have been also an introspective process was fruitful for you. I would love to hear life updates from you!

You are so not ungrateful at all - you are the living definition of kindness and care. It is a kind thought to consider how your absence could have been received on other ends, but really it is only a joy to see you around, whenever you choose it. You have friends here. You will always do. Love doesn’t stop with distance, either physical or virtual.

You are loved so freaking much. :hrtlegolove:

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Thank you, that really means a lot. I know everyone needs a break and space to heal by themselves, but it’s like that weird feeling of texting a friend after a long time of isolating yourself and being like “heyyy​:flushed::grimacing:” but that’s okay! I’m glad to be back and hope you’re doing well:)

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Microoo I missed you!!
Yeah I agree. It’s good to be back, it just feels awkward. It’s like texting a friend back after isolating for a long time and being like “heyyy how’s it going😬”haha but I’m trying not to think of it like that
Thank you. I definitely needed it, life was getting very hard and just needed to be by myself for a while. Of course I can provide updates, but only if you update me as well!! It’s been too long!!:heart:
Thank you, that’s very kind. I appreciate all the encouragement and kindness, it’s overwhelming but a good overwhelming.
Giving you the biggest hug ever in existence, my friend

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