Feel like im gonna crumble

hey im going through a really really rough time. ive been having these massive panic attacks and it feels like im powerless and i have nobody. it feels like im having a really bad nightmare but in real life. like i was shaking n i felt like i couldnt move. n something was chasing me n when it caught me. it was my dead dad. it was haunting n now i cant get that feeling out of my head. plus all of that my roomates who i love very much are fighting and just being negative n now i have no one once again since they r not in the best way either. i havent been this lost since last time i tried to kill myself. help me i feel lost

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I’m sorry for you trouble, panic attacks sucks man. Sound like you have a lot to do with it, and it make life hard. I believe you can over come this and be stronger. Don’t give up!!

Hi friend - I also suffer from panic attacks and I know how horrible they can be. I’m sorry you are going through such a hard time. When the people around you are fighting it can be so hard to steady yourself. Are you able to do any walking or other type of exercise? Sometimes when I go through dark times I will force myself to get extra exercise and sometimes it really helps quiet the panic and dark thoughts. I also though take medication for when they get really bad. Hang in there friend.

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