Feel like im nothing

Why do i feel like i’m not good enough… I feel like my sister has so many talents especially she has a band on her own which i’m really envious about but what am i?.. Just a dude can play guitar, bass, piano and vocals… I’m not special…and i can’t get any better… I always dream of owning one. I feel like i’m not recognized…i hate my social anxiety… and i hate myself. I always feel alone…and left out, not good at talking to others…

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It’s so easy to let ourselves feel like we aren’t good enough. Especially if we feel like we are in the shadows of others. Don’t envy your sister. Love and support her. Be happy for what she has.

I know this can be hard if you feel like you aren’t enough, alone and like you have nothing.

Be gentle with yourself my friend. You are so important. And you ARE enough. You matter. Right now it may not feel like it and I know you’re struggling. It’s a hard fight.

What are some things that you enjoy doing? Thrive in these things. Don’t give up hope! And don’t give up just because you don’t have what your sister has. You can achieve great things as well. We all evolve and develop things in life at different paces. We just have to keep fighting for ourselves, for what we love. For what we want.

Like I’ve told others, surround yourself with healthy and supportive people. Around people you want to be like. Involve with things that feel good!

It’s hard sharing how we feel. And I know I don’t have all the answers. But I want you to know how important you are. Is it possible to talk to a counselor? A friend? Or a pastor if you are of the faith. And seek out some guidance? Sometimes this can be so helpful. Don’t be afraid to seek out guidance from others.

I hope for you that you can find peace within yourself and who you are. That you will find a love for yourself. I hope for you that you will find something that you really feel good about and can turn it into something that brings you happiness and success.

You are valued, important, cared for and loved.

Hold fast!



Self-esteem is so super complicated. When your self-esteem is low, I frequently find myself comparing my abilities and accomplishments to others. This makes me feel less than, not enough, and worthless. My brother is a very talented artist, and several of my friends are living their dreams while I am toiling away at a day job.

Jake, you are so valued. Your talents are not less than others. We all can catch ourselves comparing ourselves to people we admire and look up to. Especially when your social anxiety can create isolation, and you aren’t frequently around people who are vocal about your value to them.

Thank you for reaching out - you are not alone. We care about you and understand your struggles. When I am in a position like yours, feeling alone and worthless, I try to retrospectively value myself. I think back to times where I was proud of myself and use that to rebuild my self-worth.

The first step was reaching out, and you did it. I hope you find peace here, but you might consider reaching out to a professional. Perhaps a counselor, spiritual leader, a good friend? Those are the type of folks who can reach you when you’re at your lowest, and because we don’t have all the information, can offer you much more specific perspective.

Be well, friend.

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I’m really sorry that you are struggling with feeling that way. I completely understand, I have a twin who is an amazing musician and is great at school and talking to people. I am also a musician and I never feel like I’m good enough because I haven’t every gotten a good role in a musical which my sister has always gotten great roles and even though all of the people around me say that I am really good I don’t believe them and I always think that people are just saying I’m good to be nice, but one of the things I have found that help me is to remind myself that I am my own person and that even if people aren’t always telling me that I am good, it doesn’t mean that what they said before wasn’t true, and trying your hardest not to compare yourself to others, though it’s really really hard, is going to be what’s best to help you establish yourself as an artist, I hope that helps. :heart:


You have an amazing set of skills, that you have honed and worked towards to get to that point. And I think it is amazing you’ve done so much already - you are an amazing individual. And I hope with time and you can grow into your own and become the person who you want to be. Just know there is always a community here, and even though not every single person gets the chance to reach out to you here, they all care.


Hey Jake!

Comparing our struggle to the successes of others is such a common thing anymore. But ill tell you now that your path is not the path someone else has walked. Find your passions, what you love, what you want to do and make it work on YOUR time in YOUR way.

Comparatively, there are people who are talking about mental health or streaming better than me. BUT that doesnt mean I shouldnt stream or talk about mental health. Does that make sense?

Use other peoples success to fire you up and know what IS possible.

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