Feel like it’s my fault

Just over 3 years ago one of my best friends of all time went down the wrong path. They got involved with drugs and other things. I keep blaming myself for it all and saying “why couldn’t I have stopped this”. “What if I stopped him from having that first cigarette would he be different today”. It hurts so bad to see them how they are. I’ve tried to tell him that it’s not worth the path he’s going down and that I care dearly about him. I just wish he was the friend he was 3 years ago. I feel like our friendship of 16 years has completely broken. He never texts me or anything. We used to keep in touch on the daily it just feels weird not being in contact with him. I just wish I could change something it’s hurting me so much I’m scared one of these days I’m going to find out he’s dead from drugs because he’s been close so many times. I feel so alone with these feelings and like nobody understands how I’m feeling about him and feel as he’s just not here anymore.


It is a persons own will that drags him down a bad path

It’s nice to think that you have feelings for your friend but in the end whatever that person does they’ve done to themselves and no one else. Everyone has to help themselves you’re friend definitely knows to some sence that drugs are bad so even with help he still would have gone down that road

What you could think is that I never had any intention to hurt my friend and I hope he realizes his fault :slight_smile:

I’m somewhat familiar with this, albeit on a much smaller scale. My ex did drugs and drank and all that stuff. It was antagonizing that there was nothing I could do to help her and no matter what I said she wouldn’t listen. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this Adam, it sucks to see someone you care about go down that path. However, this isn’t your fault. He chose this path, and it’s doubtful anything you said could have changed things. I understand the fear that one day you’ll just learn something horrible has happened, I’ve dealt with that fear before, it sucks, and I am sorry you have to carry that. You’ve done what you can, you obviously care about your friend, but you can’t force them to give this, all you can do is try to let them know you’re there for him.