Feel like my life's falling apart

First time posting… Heart support was brought to my attention through the Tim Lambesis story… I’ve been struggling recently because my ex fiance of 10 years cheated… not psychically but mentally… Talking to another guy behind my back… We were together since 15 years old… Grew up together. ive lost everything… Friends, motivation, lost my self worth… We been trying to work things out an shes been putting all the work in an i end up starting little fights… im always in my head an idk what to do… i just feel alone

Man I have been there! Forgiveness… that is like one of the most difficult things to do. My personal experience in forgiveness is that “time heals all wounds”. Some wounds cut deeper and take longer to heal. Wounds are a funny thing… think about it. Your body can heal itself naturally if you get a cut, few days later voila! New skin has emerged and maybe you are left with a cool scar. Some wounds that are deeper require changing bandages, constant monitoring, and cleaning. Soul wounds are very similar. I can speak from experience for things to avoid… I must remember not to constantly cut down the abuser… it is easy… it feels SO good sometimes because it is something to hang over their head, but in the end it just drove a wedge in between the healing layers and put me back weeks in the healing process. I dunno. We have all dealt with it I promise… in one form or another.

Keep in touch!

yea thats exactly my problem… i always bring up the past… i go back to hold it over her head…i gotta find a distraction something to pre occupy myself… I appreciate the reply man thanks!

Some things I do to occupy my mind are playing guitar or reading good books. Never too late to pick up a good hobby!