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Feel stupid for even feeling like this


Typical fat 31 year old guy, (I feel stupid for even typing this out) feel alone even when I’m with friends, it’s made worse by the fact that my only 4 friends are married. Depression gets really bad, cant get myself out of the house because I know being around people will make my depression worse. Really want to find someone but i know I’m not fit to be with, I hate the way I look, feelings of worthlessness overwhelm me. And the fact that I feel this way makes me hate myself even more, like I should be able to snap out of this, but I cant, and that makes me even more worthless, I get maybe 1 or 2 days a week where I dont feel awful about myself but that’s it.


hey man i want to reach out and start a conversation. First dont believe the lies that you are unfit for anyone. You have a right to be loved. i remember when my firends were all married and i was single it was hard, but it does not reflect our value. I completely understand that these feelings make it hard to be around people. You are not alone. please msg me back so we can continue to talk


Pretty much me except I am 38.

Be strong. You can change what you feel is wrong it only takes planning & action.

I hope good things for you.


I appreciate that… I dont like talking about it because it just all seems so stupid (idk if stupid is the right word, it’s hard to explain), like, i shouldn’t feel this way, but I cant stop it. And honestly, posting it here for complete strangers to read is easier than talking to family or friends.


you dont have to compare problems to others. The fact is is that this affects you in a reall way and therefore is a serious thing and you deserve the support to help you overcome that. Now the nice things is that we have some control over our bodies and physique. The question is are you frustrated enough to make that change? it will take some time and commitment but you can be proud of a healthy lifestyle. an honestly you deserve it… you dont deserve to hate what you look like. So do you have any goals in mind?